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Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 06.03.2017

Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools (VSPPT) ist ein Sammlung von Zusatzfunktionen für Visual Studio, die Microsoft (bisher) nicht mit Visual Studio ausliefert.

1.Peek Help
2.Solution Explorer Errors
3.Structure Visualizer
4.Double click to maximize windows
5.Timestamp margin
6.Quick tasks – Edit Present On
7.Ctrl + Click to Peek Definition
8.HTML Copy improvements
9.Recently Closed Documents
10.Match Margin
11.Power Commands context menu cleanup
12.Syntactic Line Compression

Other features:
1.Quick Tasks
2.Power Commands
3.Color printing
4.Middle-Click Scrolling
5.Organize Imports for Visual Basic
6.Custom Document Well
7.Tools Options Support
8.HTML Copy
9.Fix Mixed Tabs
10.Ctrl + Click Go To Definition
11.Align Assignments
12.Column Guides
13.Colorized Parameter Help

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